Please Fill out this membership form.


Include a picture of your costume and email it back to us at


Rules and Guidelines

Are you 18 years or older? If not a legal guardian or parent must submit an application for anyone under the age of 18. This rule is in place to protect the safety of minors at conventions, gatherings and events at all times. Guardians or parents will be required to be present at all events attended by the minor attendee. The Costume Alliance is not responsible for babysitting.

The Costume Alliance seeks to promote interest through building and wearing of quality fan made costumes. Store bought suits, or mass produced costumes will require modifications to improve the look and the overall quality. Props and accessories that are purchased may also require alterations. The Costume Alliance Administration will take each submission on a case-by-case basis and will provide appropriate feedback and suggestions on how to rework or improve your costume to meet the club’s quality standards.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions as to the approval process, or wish to send preliminary images for a pre-approval and critique, you are more than welcome to. The Costume Alliance has many talented artists and creators who are more than willing to provide feedback and suggestions.


The Approval Process

After you fill out the membership application you should send a couple of photos of your costume. You should also make sure the costume is worn correctly. The costume might pass for membership, but if it doesn’t fit properly your application may be held until it can be reviewed for quality and look. Please inspect the costume fully before sending in any photos for membership approval.

PLEASE NOTE: The costume must be visually represented – text descriptions will not be allowed. Any and all costumes must be socially accepted and kept in the standards of good taste and modesty. Do note that for the purposes of the Costume Alliance and the events we are booked for, those certain genres of costuming may be seen as inappropriate for some gatherings.

Once your application is filled out in full, and your photos are ready, you can submit them electronically to .  We also will have hard copies on hand at events and meetings for filling out and review. Please allow a maximum of 5 business days before you receive your appropriate response. If you do not receive an email after that allotted time, please contact us at the above email address.

If (for whatever reason) you are not approved by the Costume Alliance you will get an email explaining why. The Costume Alliance is more than happy to discuss why you were not approved in an adult and civil manner and offer suggestions to make improvements.


Getting Involved

Upon approval you will be granted access to the Costume Alliance Facebook Group, where we have a calendar of events that we are invited to or booked for. The Facebook group can also be used as an outlet for information on building ideas, tips and display costumes in progress or show off your finished suit.